Committee for Women in in Mathematics (WM)², the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics, is organized every four years since 2018 by IMU’s CWM as a satellite event of ICM.

With the recent tragic developments, and IMU's decisions about the ICM 2022 (see more information on IMU website), the second edition of the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics - (WM)^2 - became a virtual event taking place on July 1-2 2022. The (WM)² was originally planned to take place on July 5, 2022, the day prior to the ICM 2022.  The date changed to accommodate the Ceremony for the IMU Prizes (Fields Medal, Abacus Medal, Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize, Chern Medal Award and Leelavati Prize), taking place on July 5, 2022. The organizing committee  took place of the necessary changes, hoping to keep the spirit and the program of the (WM)^2 as originally conceived.

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